#108 Dr. Becky Winslow on Pharmacogenomics

#108 Dr. Becky Winslow on Pharmacogenomics

On this episode Dr. Becky Winslow, a Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy, shares her insight about pharmacogenomics. She is a Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium Member, a Registered Pharmacogenomics Education Provider and the owner of inGENEious RX, LLC. 

On This Episode We Discuss:

  • Pharmacogenomics vs Pharmacogenetics

  • Current Understanding of Pharmacogenomics

  • Genetic Testing Available

  • General Population Testing

  • Areas of Healthcare Utilized 

  • Precision Medicine Approach to Prescriptions

    • Mental Health, Cancer etc. 

  • Roadblock to Widespread Use 

  • Physicians Ability to Translate Test Results 

    • Genetic Counselors Potential Role

  • Future of Pharmacogenomics 

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