All in Scientist

#50 Dr. Melina Fan about Addgene

Dr. Melina Fan joins me on the show to discuss plasmids. Dr. Fan is the Chief Scientific Officer and a co-founder of Addgene. Addgene is a nonprofit organization that operates a plasmid repository for the research community. Dr. Fan explains what plasmids are, highlights cool genes that are inserted into plasmids and how Addgene's plasmid repository works.

#40 UCONN-TIP (Technology Intern Program)

Dr. Caroline Dealy returns to the show to discuss the UCONN-TIP (Technology Intern Program). She is the founder and director of the program. UCONN-TIP pairs UConn students with university start-up companies for mentored research internships in business or STEM. She shares what kind of research experience can students anticipate and how it can help in your career.